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1. What items would you choose to accouter yourself with?

A pair of Barton Perreira Baez sunglasses, the Isabel Marant “Carla” dress, the Givenchy crisscross sandal and a vintage Hermes suitcase.





2. Is there a song that encapsulates your overall mood at the moment?

Sebastien Tellier’s “La Ballade Du Georges”

3. If you could be worn by anyone who would it be?

John le Carré in MI6 mode. Wait, le Carré’s a nom de plume. I’m changing my answer. I would be worn by Mr. David John Moore Cornwell in MI6 mode. There.

le carre

4. If you could exist anywhere where would it be?

In a spy novel, of course.  If wearing me, said spy would be seen coming from a mile away but what can I do? It’s the price you pay to be cloaked in luxury. Am I right?


5. Interesting. If you could return as any person or thing what would it be?

It would have to be Madonna. As an aside, Mr. Meisel really knows his way around a camera.


6. I couldn’t agree more. Now, would you mind elaborating on why Madonna? Not that she’s not amazing. I’m simply curious.

Well, in keeping with the clandestine theme, I like how she came onto the scene. Ya know, as a baby placed in a basket and set adrift down the River Nile in an effort to evade Pharaoh who wanted her dead. I just find her whole thing not only interesting but harrowing and mysterious. Also, let us not forget the Commandments and that little thing she did with the Red Sea and by little I mean huge. When people say they miss the eighties I understand why.


7. Hmm… Might you be getting her confused with Moses?

Yikes. You might be right. I’m always getting my M’s mixed up. But in my defense, I’m a coat so… It’s hard keeping track of you all. Who did what and when and– Oh shit.


8. What happened?

I just now remembered I was out with a group of friends last night and I told them how Moses got his start at Danceteria.

Madonna photo, shot by Moshe Brakha in the 80's.
Charleston Heston_Ten Commandments_Moses

9. Wow. Well, would you like to go correct that? We’re pretty much done here.

I probably should. I would hate to be on his bad side considering he has the power to part things and this particular hand-painted trench would like to remain intact. Okay then, wish me luck and thanks for helping me clean up my mess.

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