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In feet, Fran Lebowitz on November 9, 2013 at 8:15pm11


1. If given the chance, what would you choose as your accoutrements?

A Clare Deve necklace, a Balmain velvet blazer, a pair of ‘Fayza’ Diesel jeans and a Maison Martin Margiela (ca. 2007) clutch.





2. Is there anyone out there representing houndstooth besides those wearing you?

That would be Ricky. I think it’s pretty obvious our paths will never ever cross and I’m not upset by that fact, but I do have to admire his commitment to the pattern. And he’s never suitable for work, so don’t even try it.

3. Let’s say we removed fire and brimstone from the end-of-days menu, what do you think would take its place?

A Twitter rant.


4. Are you more Michael & Kelly or more Michael Kelly?




I’m going with Mr. Kelly. His reading of “Joyland” was the perfect complement to Mr. King’s words.



5. What is the woman wearing you looking for in a partner?
She’d like to know the person sleeping next to her loves London Grammar as much as she does if not more.
6. If not you then what?

A closing argument.

7. Is there something you oft think about?

This picture of a young Fran Lebowitz and what she must have been thinking about.


8. Uh… That’s not Fran. You know that, right?

Keep telling yourself that.


9. Right. But in all honesty, it’s really not her. Now, I know you all deem her the ultimate get. She’s vengeful, wears the hell out of a cowboy boot although some of you prefer her in a tasteful loafer, she’s great to cuddle with while listening to “Besame Mucho” and she’s not a fan of those spilling their guts in conversation. All of that I get, I no longer question any it even if every part of me longs to, however, I have to draw the line at blatant lies! I’m sorry but this ends now! Okay?!

It’s Fran.


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