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1. If granted the chance to choose your accoutrements, what would they be?

A Haider Ackerman coat, a Jil Sander clutch, an Ayaka Nishi ring and a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood booties.


nicholas kirkwood

2. Are there any words we should live by?

Many in fact. “Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

3. Woops. Welp, I pretty much screwed the pooch on that entire quote. My apologies, Lao Tzu. I can tell a lot of thought went in. Ah well… Let’s hope I come back as a Brussels so next time all I’ll have to watch is how adorable I am. Good plan?


Not at all.

4. What is something you’re working on realizing?

A spiritual practice from a G’s perspective. Por ejemplo, the next time someone tells you you’re giving someone else too much power tell them to move away from you and go ask said person why they made a play for your power to begin with. Sometimes it pays to find your balls and not leave everything to chance, letting go or wishing reeeeeeeally hard.

5. Happiness is?

Mary. U2. “One.”

6. Pure talent is?

Kahlil Joseph.

7. What is something you oft think about?

How many people have made like Christ the Redeemer in front of Christ the Redeemer? The old chap’s deco, ya know? Just like me.

wiu-brazil-christ-redeemerimages article-2291745-189267D3000005DC-198_634x815 christ12_ChristRedeemerStatue_Rio christ 2 christ-redeemer-rio2 christ 1 DownloadedFile christ 3 christ 4 christ 5 J_zussal christ 6 christ 7 christ the redeemer 8 christ the 1 christ 9 christ 10 christ 11 Brazil-Rio-ChristRedeemer 2011-06-06 014

8. If a person could invite another person into their life if only for one moment, who should it be?

Slavoj Žižek.

9. Why him?

 He speaks the truth. He knows this society before this society knows itself. However, the man should be consumed the way one would consume wasabi: just a wee bit, so to bring flavor to an otherwise trite reality; more, and you might find yourself pushing life away altogether.


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