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1. If you could style yourself what would you choose as the accoutrements?

Norma Kamali glasses, an Urban Outfitters, septum ring, Forever 21 ankle socks and a pair of Chloé loafers


609189602. Are you more Whit or more Woody?

Stillman01_body  or  DownloadedFile-1

Whit, without a doubt.  His cadence gets me. Not, not that Woody’s doesn’t. Who am I kidding? It doesn’t. Whit gets me.

 3. Got it. If you could return as any person or thing, what would it be?

The Grasshopper. I mean…

4. What is a dream you’re working on realizing?

Having Dr. Sylvester James Gates be the first to ride the Grasshopper into the cosmos.

5. Overrated is?

The Volstead Act.


6. Are you not aware the Volstead Act was repealed by the 21st Amendment?

Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh… I’m French. It’s my job to keep up with your wacky laws?

7. But you’re the one who brought it up. Wait. I’m confused. Aren’t you the one who brought it up?

*sigh* What?

8. The Volstead Act. Here, let me just refer to my notes… There! Yes, right here. See that? You said it was overrated.  I just tossed out a general question and that was your answer. Remember?

Mon dieu… It’s a wonder you’re still single.

9. Do you really mean that?!

*sigh* God, help me.




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