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1. Can you give me 4 items that go along with your overall motif?

The Prabal Gurung, floral print trousers, the Casadei for Prabal Gurung wedge, a pair of Linda Farrow x Prabal Gurung shades and a Prabal Gurung clutch for Target. As you can see, I’m addicted to family. Can’t make a move without them.




2. What is a dream you’re working on realizing?

Rick Ross and Drake in a contemporary retelling of “Good Night, Nurse.”

What was…



Will become…



Basically, this…


Uh huh…


3. If you could ask me one question what would it be?

Is your society racing headlong down a road to a place where awards outnumber the acts deserving of them? I mean, not for nothin’, but you guys really like presenting each other with gold-plated stuff. Really, what’s driving this desire, this need? And are you slowly creeping into Pavlov’s dog territory?


4. Meaning?

Meaning? Hmmm… Meaning, meaning, meaning… Is it less about the actual good deed done and more about the accolades you know you’re sure to receive?


5. Why are clothing and accessories always so serious when it comes to this question?

I cannot speak for anything else, only for myself, the Prabal Gurung, brocade jacket. Thank you.


6. If you were to pen an autobiography what would be the title?

“The Paradoxum of a Philistine.” It has the ability to moonlight as the next album title for Yeezy as well.


7. Pardon the redundancy but, meaning?

No clue but it really does give off the stench of importance and pretension, am I right? It will be discovered as a short story in The Paris Review or  Shenandoah by a 60-year-old, lummox of a literary agent about to call it a day on his fledging business — he’s the only employee and that’s still too much overhead. It will be decades since he managed to get published something worth exulting over thus making this business an albatross on his back. That is until he sees my words gleaming from the page. He will be the one to suggest the venture from the original title, “Ugghh,” to the current. “It’s more pretentious,” the lummox will say. “And that’s just what the publishers want these days! I guess that’s what they’ve always wanted. It’s just taken me this long to figure it out. I didn’t ask for much. Just to publish pieces of work I thought to be special but the forces saw to it I never–” At this point, I will politely cut him off for this will be my moment. I’m arrogant and self-centered and not afraid to admit it.


8. What is one word all those appearing on the “Kiss Cam” at various sporting events should strictly adhere to?



9. Is there anything you find vexing at the moment?

Why isn’t Parker Posey owning the moving picture industry? Who dropped the ball? I want names!

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