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1. If you could style yourself what would you choose as the accoutrements?

A Thakoon Addition, African floral dress, the Thakoon Addition, African floral trousers, a Saint Laurent trench and a pair of Burak Uyan T-bar pumps.


2. You’re watching the “Thomas Crown Affair.” Do you prefer the casual McQueen or the to-the-nines McQueen?

Since the option of bathing in McQueen was not offered, I’d have to go with the following McQueen…


3. What song is the woman carrying you getting seductively undressed to?

4. Oof… I did not see that one coming. What exactly is happening here?

Right?! And keep in mind, she and the husband are only 25. Anyway, from what I can glean — and this is all second-hand because I’m tucked in the way back of that godforsaken, monstrosity of a closet where I can’t hear a damn thing — they lost the spark. It’s no one’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. They’ve simply hit a slump.

5. Why, for the love of god, is she getting seductively undressed to what I’d imagine her side of their therapy session sounds like set to song? I love Barbra, by the way.

Who doesn’t love Barbra? However, if I was in charge of the evening “Pop That” would be on a loop. I dare anyone to not introduce romance back into the bedroom with those melodic sounds flowing through.

6. Charming. Moving along. Who was your favorite person to be carried by?

That awesome and amazing, not to mention, very innovative woman who when walking through a Lilliputian size antique shop filled with tchotchkes of the porcelain, glass and expensive variety, turned to focus on a mother-of-pearl Trojan Horse, which in turn allowed me to knock over absolutely everything on a table positioned right behind her, only to whip around to see the destruction I hath wrought allowing me to knock over absolutely everything on another table that was now positioned right behind her. My god, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

7. If you could be carried by anyone whom would it be?

Easy. Frances Ann.lebowitz-fran-051102

8. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. What’s the big deal with this woman?

*The PS 13 got physical*

9.Ouch! What’d you do that for?!

It’s simple. I love Fran. We. All. Love. Fran.

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