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In lower body on May 23, 2012 at 8:15pm05

1. If you could style yourself what would you choose as the accoutrements?

One pair of hands.

Uh huh…

2. What is every garment’s nightmare?

Items of the latex variety notwithstanding…

Thank you James Jean.

3. Upon your arrival to the retail floor, what words do you have for all other garments throwing you, “Bitches think they’re so fly” shade?

4. Is there a certain point in time you would’ve liked to exist?

I have a kind of seventies flare and so I would have to choose 1974.

5. Why 1974 specifically?

It would’ve been pret-ty interesting to witness Bachman Turner Overdrive and their attempt to make stuttering happen.

6. Who is the woman wearing you looking to date?

A carpenter from “Cupcake Wars.”

7. What is a sad moment you’ve recently witnessed?

A high school senior asking her best friend if she knows “where” Sandra Day O’Connor is as opposed to “who.” Same goes for MLK, Frank Lloyd Wright and the other many greats whose legacies have been relegated to only being referenced when a queen bee is trying to locate the new Forever 21.

8. In your opinion what is the best moment in cinematic history?


9. In your opinion, who is the best movie villain – and by “best” I mean most abhorrent – to ever grace the silver screen?

The audience that doesn’t understand the genius that is Sexual Chocolate.

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