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In feet on September 12, 2011 at 8:15pm09

1. What is something you oft wish for?

To be as inspirational as Arnold Bocklin’s “Isle of the Dead.”

2. If you could style yourself what would be the accoutrements?

A Burberry suit, a Lanvin shirt, an Alexander McQueen shawl-collar cardigan and a pair of Alexander Wang ‘Fabianas’ for her.


3. What is a question you have yet to have answered?

Whose face appears on Jesus’ toast? Please, God — I mean that literally and not in vain — tell me it’s Ernest Borgnine’s.


4. If you could choose to be worn by anyone who would it be?

Pride wouldn’t even begin to describe my feelings if I was to be donned by Representatives Steve Simon or John Kreisel.

5. Do you know any riddles?

I know a kind of riddle. How did the woman give birth to children who partially belonged to a sister she never knew she had?

6. I’m stumped. How?

I’m gonna have to back track a bit. Okay *deep breath*… the woman was in need of a kidney transplant. When her sons were tested, it was discovered that both, although they shared their father’s, did not share her DNA. She thought this odd for she remembered each one growing inside of her and emerging, give or take, 40 weeks later. After further tests, pokes, prods, intense questioning of stealing someone else’s embryos, pokes and more tests, it was discovered that she was a chimera.  Basically, while gestating inside of her mother, fifty some-odd years before, her embryo merged with her twin’s. The sisters would go on to inhabit the same body, however, with different genetic codes, each would claim certain areas. The sister, the woman never knew she had, claimed the blood.

7. What is something you currently find puzzling?

Who is the yellow creature on Charley Pride’s sweater yelling at and why does Charley Pride look like he couldn’t care less?

8. Who is Charley Pride?

Listen and learn, kid.

9. If you could choose any film to appear in what would it be?

“Carnal Knowledge” on Jonathan during the fight with Bobbie. Pure. Gold.

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