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In wrist on March 10, 2011 at 8:15am03

1. If you could be worn by anyone, who would you choose?

Wonder Woman, on both wrists.

2.  Can you deflect bullets?

Uh… no, but I fit right in there with the color scheme.

3. With Wonder Woman no longer able to rely on you to keep her safe from bullets, what would you suggest she do?


4. Is there a kindred spirit who you feel is doing the Lord’s work?

SCRAM bracelets. God knows I wouldn’t want the job.

5. If not you then what?

A nice, old-fashioned friendship bracelet. Please note, I would demand a two-week shelf life; anything longer than that and things start to get a little grimy.

6. If you could be reimagined by another artist, who would you choose?

The girls and boys of summer camps worldwide.

7. If you could style yourself, what would be the accoutrements?

A Maison Martin Margiela jumpsuit, Halston blazer, a French Connection white shirt and Brian Atwood pumps.

8. What is the most interesting rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

I’m worn to ward off evil spirits.

9. What if I told you it wasn’t a rumor and, in fact, your are worn to ward off evil spirits?

I don’t know if I want that kind of pressure. Looking good is one thing, but warding off evil doers? Entirely different story, my friend.

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