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In wrist on March 10, 2011 at 8:15am03

1. If you could be worn by anyone, who would you choose?

Wonder Woman, on both wrists.

2.  Can you deflect bullets?

Uh… no, but I fit right in there with the color scheme.

3. With Wonder Woman no longer able to rely on you to keep her safe from bullets, what would you suggest she do?


4. Is there a kindred spirit who you feel is doing the Lord’s work?

SCRAM bracelets. God knows I wouldn’t want the job.

5. If not you then what?

A nice, old-fashioned friendship bracelet. Please note, I would demand a two-week shelf life; anything longer than that and things start to get a little grimy.

6. If you could be reimagined by another artist, who would you choose?

The girls and boys of summer camps worldwide.

7. If you could style yourself, what would be the accoutrements?

A Maison Martin Margiela jumpsuit, Halston blazer, a French Connection white shirt and Brian Atwood pumps.

8. What is the most interesting rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

I’m worn to ward off evil spirits.

9. What if I told you it wasn’t a rumor and, in fact, your are worn to ward off evil spirits?

I don’t know if I want that kind of pressure. Looking good is one thing, but warding off evil doers? Entirely different story, my friend.


In lower body on March 7, 2011 at 8:15pm03

1. Overrated is?

A bris.  I’m all for pageantry, drama and tradition, however, once you embrace an extra layer or two you might find that it’s not so bad.

2. What would you like to see more of?

Based on my last response, I think you can figure that out.

3. If not you then what?

The Kiki de Montparnasse ‘Amour Le Reve’ tap short.

4. Are you a lover or a fighter?

A fighter.   You have to be in this world.

5. Do you have a favorite Janus word?


6. If you could style yourself, what would be the accoutrements?

A Chinti & Parker organic cotton T-shirt, Zara heels, Spitefire ‘Weekend’ shades and a Zara messenger bag.

7. If I weren’t in the picture, what other person’s questions would you choose to answer?

James Lipton’s.

8. What is your most recent, interesting thought?

The dark and quiet spaces between my layers are where hopes and dreams go for a respite.

9. Are you currently under the influence of anything you shouldn’t be?

Not that I know of.


In upper body on March 4, 2011 at 8:15pm03

1. If you could style yourself what would be the accoutrements?

A Jil Sander maxi skirt, Chloe criss-cross flats, an Alexander McQueen clutch and a Low Luv by Erin Wasson bracelet.

2. What is the most interesting fact you know?

In China, buying new clothes is a symbol of starting afresh.

4. Overrated is?


4. If not you then what?

Current/Elliot denim, bike shorts.

5. If you could be worn by anyone, who would you choose?

Taylor Tomasi-Hill. The woman knows a thing or two about how to wear a thing or two.


6. Is there a Taylor Tomasi-Hill dream that you’re working on realizing?

To the tune of “Youth Blood” by Little Jinder and with two minutes on the clock, setting her loose down the clothing aisle of a CVS drugstore and seeing what she comes up with. She’d also be required to take three 10-second dance breaks.

7. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Providence, Rhode Island, tucked away on a Goodwill rack.

8. How do you imagine you’d end up there?

A combination of planes, trains, automobiles, drunken nights, jaywalking, luggage gone missing, a misrepresented Carol Channing impersonation, nasty break-ups, the real Carol Channing and a pregnancy scare.


9. Do you have an interesting musing, post Goodwill arrival?

Whiling the day away in the half-off section, next to a putrid, yet classic, oatmeal jumper, when a 14-year-old breaks away from combing the bric-a-brac with her judgmental pack and finds her way to me. She’ll need only take one look at my $15 dollar price tag and know I’m going with her. Upon arrival at home, she will immediately call to her Parisian mother, only to find her pruning tomato plants in the garden. The girl will fling me in her mother’s face, declaring, “Look at what I got!”  The mother will smile and remove her soiled gloves, so she can feel my fatigued hide, while simultaneously recounting the life she once had as a promising, young intern at Givenchy before meeting and falling madly in love with the 14-year old’s American — then graduate student, now professor — father. Snapping out of the look back and what could have been, the mother will take a gander at my price tag, quickly followed by a glance at my label aaand… she’s out cold, face-planting into a pruned tomato plant.


In stuff on March 2, 2011 at 8:15am03

1. Who or what do you look to for inspiration when you’ve lost your way?

The carambola.

2. If you could style yourself what would be the accoutrements?

A Emilio de la Morena dress, Haider Ackermann boots, Fogal tights and a Dolce & Gabbana baseball hat.

3. What makes you dynamic?

My reinvention at every angle.

4. Are there dream contents that will never be realized?


5. Is there a favorite idiom for what can be found inside of you?

Bits and bobs.

6. If you could be reimagined by another artist, who would you choose?

Pat McGrath.

7. What is your least favorite question?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

8. If not you then what?

Alexander Wang’s ‘Kirsten’ satchel. I also know what movie quote best describes it. Not that I’m trying to take over your job or anything.

9.  Okay then… What famous movie quote would best describe the ‘Kirsten’ satchel?

“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” Michael Corleone from “The Godfather III” said that. Pretty spot on, huh? I want that hat.