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In feet on October 11, 2010 at 8:15am10

1. What is the public’s biggest misconception of you?

I’m hard to walk in.

2.  What are you most suspicious of?

Turtlenecks.  They’re definitely hiding something.

3. Where are you happiest?

Standing in front of Alexander Liberman’s “Two Circles.”

4. What is something you would like to experience for just one day?

The world without stylists.  It would be a mess but one of individuality.

5. If you could style yourself, what would be the accoutrements?

A French Connection skirt, Erdem trench, Dorothy Perkins spot tights and a Delfina Delettrez bracelet.

6. Overrated is?

Staying power.

7. If not you then what?

The Puma 917 Mid Houston Street trainers.

8. What is your least favorite question?

Are we there yet?

9. If you could be worn by anyone whom would you choose?

Sue Ellen Ewing.

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