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In all over on September 2, 2010 at 8:15pm09

1. Is there a book you can always get lost in?

The Portable Dorothy Parker.

2. What is your idea of the perfect day trip?

Marfa, Texas.


3.  What song would be playing on a loop?

“Fiora de la Citta” by Seu Jorge.

4. If not you then what?

Doshi Levien paper-silk healing dress.


5. If you could be worn by any person who would it be?

Joan Didion.


6. Is there a person you try to emulate in your daily life?

Drummer Hodge.


7. If you could be reimagined by another artist who would it be?

Zhang Xiaogang.


8. What is your favorite rare, psychiatric syndrome?

Folie a deux.

9.  Are you a lover or a fighter?

Depends on the circumstances.

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